Monday, December 1, 2008


Adam Baran at Butt magazine had made a request to me last week to submit photo for the BUTT blog. I sent him these photos that I had sent to Jop at magazine back in August. I made these images of myself back in August when I was assisting a photographer in Texas. The room that he had put me up in was at a bed and breakfast. It was meant to be a romantic get away in the country for the big city folk from Austin. They had never intended a 25 year old brooklyn hipster to call it home for 3 weeks. As one of the many features to the room, they had a large novelty jazzuci hot tube, and no shower. So every night when I came home for the long, hot day of assisting I would take a long bath. I made these butt inspired photos as some sort of photographic love letter for my then boyfriend Casey. Today, adam has posted them to the Butt Blog ( as "Monday Morning BUTT". Check it out, and expect more to come from BUTT MAG and ME. 

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624713 said...

they make great collage material