Friday, April 4, 2008

Old Ghosty

Those of you that work at Radar magazine with me know that I can't ever stop drawing ghost on things. Well it finally paid off and someone was dumb enough to it tattooed on their body. 
It's a ghost flipping the double bird.
Thanks Josh for making my dreams come true.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Check out BUTT MAGAZINE's homepage. The picture of my boyfriend with a balloon around his dick is still up.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Francois Sagat

Then on Saturday afternoon after a long time coming I finally caught up with my favorite porn star Francois Sagat. I pinned him down for a photo shoot while he was in town for the BLACK PARTY. I got the amazing Ken Baldwin to style it, and it really came out great. We did this all on our own merit but, hopefully it will be seen in some magazine soon. 
In the end, I was just glad to have the chance to do it, and i think the photos look amazing.

Slut Machine

So everyone I had a pretty full Photo Weekend. 
First on Friday I was asked by Brooke Nipar at MISSBEHAVE magazine to photograph a personality for their up coming issue. 
So I got together with's SLUT MACHINE, and a whole lot of kinky candy from Eco. Candy on Rivington and let the magic unfold. 
As a result both of us got drunk and sick to our stomachs from eating to much sugar. It was a great time, and I suggest everyone looks out for the up coming issue of MISSBEHAVE for our photo shoot.