Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stop Pulling my Goat

I took these pictures at a Rodeo a few weeks ago. They have an event there call the goat round up. They let all the kids who are under 11 to come into the center and they let young goats, billy's and nanny goats come into the ring. The kids have to do their best to take them to a small square at the end other end. For those of you who don't know, a baby goat is called a KID. The reason is the way they sound. When they scream they sound like little kids. You can imagine 30 goats being attached by 100 9 year olds would lead to some screaming on both ends. The boy I sh0ot was an older brother. The look on the goats face, pretty much says it all. enjoy.

some loose ends

I am reaching my final days here in Texas. I had a great time. Got away from New York for awhile, at least long enough to miss it a lot. I got to see another part of the country, and know I never want to live in small Texan town. Here are a few images that I had just lying around that i really liked from my last week or so here. We went to the pool one day. Ironically on the day it closed. The guy standing in a field. That's a bee hive in front of him. He keeps bees. The rest are pretty straight forward. enjoy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Young Pony Club

This weekend we went to the 52nd annual junior Rodeo. I think Eric got some great photos but, in our down time there I got the chance to snap a few of my own. The most amazing thing about this place were the kids themselves. We went to a adult rodeo a few weekends ago and I have to say these kids were just as good if not better. Some of them were so small, and riding and running these full grown horse around. It was amazing and freakish to watch. Here were a few of my favorites.