Tuesday, March 24, 2009

East Village Boys Dot Com

About a month ago I shot my friend Charlie for a "boy of the week" on East Village Boys. The photos came out last week, and they look great. Check out the story and site. www.eastvillageboys.com. I think the edit looks great, and I'm excited to do something for east village boys again soon. When you check out the story, also check out the comments. I have to say it's the best part.


With all this up dating today, I almost forgot that today my blog is 1 year old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG. To many more years of greatness!!!!

Escandalo, for SPANK Mag Cover Story

Back in February the guys from SPANK MAG asked me if I would be interested in shooting something for there up coming HORROR ISSUE. It all came together and I got a chance to shoot the art rock band duo known as ESCANDALO. The Band consist of Desi Monster and Viva Ruiz. I was a little apprehensive about shooting the two considering their artistic resumes. However, the day of the shoot came and it seems all three of us brought the noise. They had tons of energy and were really down for whatever. I was pleasantly surprised when they later told me that one of my images was going to be on the cover. The magazine is looking more amazing every time I pick it up. I was honored when I finally got a copy and saw how many talented photographers they had shooting for it. I couldn't believe they ran mine on the cover. FUCKING BRUCE LA BRUCE shot something for the issue. In the end meeting and working with ESCANDALO has kinda changed my social life forever. I now seem to be going to all of Desi's crazy parties and Viva is everywhere I turn. Finally wanna give a shout out to my roommate Chaz Requina for not only being my photo assistant on the shoot but also turning it out on the tunes. Check out the SPANK MAG website site and also OUT.COM for photos I made at the party for the issue's release.

VICE Magazine BEST ALBUM COVER Of The Month!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post but, VICE MAGAZINE named I.U.D.'s the Proper Sex album cover, the best of the month. Casey and I were so excited to find out. I have to say shooting this album cover, and the PR shots has just been a wealth of exposure. The girls have already had a lot of success with the album and every time I turn around the press photos are running in another magazine. Visit www.viceland.com to see more of the best and the worse. Also if anyone knows of a place where i can pick up a physical copy of the magazine please let me know. Who the hell carries VICE anymore?

TIME OUT Feature

I have been so terrible at UPDATING lately, I'm just going to put as much up today as I possibly can. I've had a lot of projects come out in the last few weeks. One of the biggest projects is this 6 page feature I did for TIME OUT. After they saw me throw down on the craft girls shoot, Roberto at TIME OUT thought I might be good for something a little bigger. I had a really great time shooting this story. It was full of really unique people. I have to say my favorite shots were of the dancer, the game show host and the thrift store own Lisa.