Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tabatha, Sadie Magazine

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Tabatha McGurr for Sadie Magazine. Tabatha works at the girl clothing line Married to the MOB. MOB standing for Most Official Bitch! I really loved my time spent with the 18 year old Tabatha. The theme for the shoot was based on Tabatha's favorite movie Virgin Suicides. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone reads the article about Tabatha. She's a unique personality and the writer really captured that. You can check out my blog here for out takes from the shoot. I had a great time, and plan on stalking Tabatha with camera again soon. 

I moved

I moved to South 5th and Berry. Just two blocks away from my current digs. I have my own room. I have arrived! Mine is the one with the curtain. 

Venus Zine Dot Com

I've been taking my time with up dates. Last week the on line art editor at Venus Zine informed me that my photo of the girl rock duo I.U.D. would be running on there website. Check out I hope to be gracing the page of the print magazine in the near future.