Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sandy Kane, The Breast Comedienne in New York

It's been a slow couple of week for me with taking pictures. I recently returned to my desk job as the photo researcher at Radar Magazine. Being the 3rd in the crazy photo team of Greg and Stacey leaves me photographically beat up and broken down at the end of the day.
However, their is never a dull moment. This afternoon, in celebration of the beautiful day we walked over to time Square to see one our favorite New York City night life Personality Miss Sandy Kane. She was recently featured on radar on line written by Greg Garry and Photographed by Stacey Pittman. She is currently residing in Time Square as the Naked Cowgirl.
A few words on Sandy and I mean this in the nice possible way. She is the last of the new york Freaks. She tells the most fantastic stories of old New York.
For her who life story and more go to:

and if that doesn't do it for you. Check her out up close and personal every afternoon in Time Square. She's dressed as an old cowboy.

I promise I will be getting back on the horse soon. I already have a few different photo ideas in the works and everything should be shot and completed soon.