Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To the Happy Couple.

This weekend, my boyfriend and I attended a wedding in North Caroline. It was the union of two people who are slowly becoming close friends. Stacey Pittman (who I work with at Radar, and a fellow photographer) and Matthew Salacuse (a photographer who I want to be when I grow up). A wedding of two photographers, was very enlightening to a young wannabe like myself. The place was wall to wall of working professionals and Canon 5Ds. I got to mingle with the likes of Emily Shur (, Eric McNatt ( and SVA super star Kareem Black ( Also in attendance was Media Savvy power Couple Monique Perreault (Photo editor of SLAM magazine) and her boyfriend Chris Ehrmann (Photo Editor of BLENDER magazine). We danced, we laughed we toasted the couple. They had a big southern BBQ and a "SOULTRAIN" line. It was a lot of fun, and I got to meet my heroes and heroins.