Friday, September 12, 2008

Daphne Guiness

Tonight I went to David La Chapelle opening for his new show. It was a regular who's who. Just then famed British IT GIRL walks in Daphne Guinness. The air to the Guinness fortune. She is British Fashion. Of course I ran as close to her as I could and had Casey snap a picture. Pretty convincing, right? In the end, she showed up to the after party, and just as the music took her way I stepped in as her anonymous dance partner. I love you Daphne. 


There is a photo of me in this months BUTT MAGAZINE. 
It's a photo from my winter vacation in the Berkshires. 
My boyfriend Casey played camera man, and Butt loved it. 
Check it out, you can get a copy at the St. Marks Book Store. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


About a week ago Sean Bumgarner the editor of Spank Mag ( asked me to shoot there up coming photo party. For those of you that aren't fimilar with SPANK MAG it's an art zine for homos. I showed up to the party and found out it was being held at famed photographer Aaron Cobbett ( studio. I had a great backdrop and lots to photograph. At the end of the night, I started getting a little to friendly with my camera towards some of the guests and it was time to go. I learn a valuable lesson though. That even when two guys are really going to town on each other in front of 100s of strangers, you still have to ask first before taking there picture. 
Look out for the newest issue of spank mag for all my party pictures. It's due to hit stands sometime in October. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SADIE Magazine

My photos of Mirror Mirror are going to be in Sadie Magazine this month. September is fuckin ON!!!
Special thanks to my friend Sadie Laska. Although her having the same name as the magazine had nothing to do with it, she introduced me to the editor Jesse Sposato. Although I thought "my friends a photographer" things never work out. I owe her big time.
Check the Sadie Magazine website ( and look out for SADIE MAGAZINE on new stands soon.

Monday, September 8, 2008


While on my kick of making new work I ran into my friend Claudia ( on the train. She's a photo kid herself and respected my need for photo speed. Claudia agreed to a shoot and we got right down to business. I've recently been assisting photographer Greg Thompson ( His mastered use of gels was the inspiration for the lighting. Claudia came over, with a ton of cloths and we started taking pictures. We had a few set backs involving 200 feet of orange extension cord but after the dust settled I had some great photos. Here is an out take and as usual you can check out my website for more images from my time with Claudia. 


So I know I haven't up dated my blog in awhile but, I've done a handful of photos over the course of a week. 

Nate is up first. I made this photo of him earlier this summer at Casey's house on Fire Island. He's come out to visit a few times, and on this weekend I really made him pay the piper. As you can see, i've given my boyfriend with 15 years of art directing experience a fitting job as a light stand. He was (as usual) a great sport about. Check out my website for the final image from Nate's shoot.