Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It seems I finally got the bottom of the Mr. Black flyer. A friend of HOOD BY AIR the clothing line that supplied the clothing for the photos of Francois had given them the image to use for the flyer. The promoter was super nice, and credited me on the flyer as the photographer. 
I then check out the HOOD BY AIR website and found that they whole story with Francois is up there. Check it out. It's in "THE PROJECTS"( section of the site. You will also notice that most of there images are done by the very talented Kevin Amato. He is a photographer on the rise. Working for me here at OUT magazine as well for many others.


Today I was emailed by SPANK ART MAG's founding editor Sean Bumgarner. He wanted to let me know that they have posted some of my party pictures for there Dec issue on the spank Mag blog ( The issue is set to release on Dec 12th. Check out the blog for a sneak preview of the party picks. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today on Facebook I received an invite to Mr BlACK'S latest party. I saw the flyer, and realized that the photo they used was one of mine. It was of famed porn star Francois Sagat. I wish they would have asked. I would have said yes, for credit on the flyer and a life supply of drink tickets. I guess I should just be happy that someone is looking at my website.