Saturday, August 9, 2008

"One more time, for the cheap seats in the back."

Hey everyone. I've made it to though week 2 here in Texas. It's starting to get really tough with My boyfriend and Big City life waiting for me at home but I think I can make it to Friday. I've made a lot of pictures in the last few days, and plan on posting things up in the next couple of days. These two photos are some of my favorite from the new bunch. We went down to another rodeo and I took these images similar to the last rodeo. They are totally Texas.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brownwood, TX

I'm here in Texas still Assisting Eric. Things have been going well with the project. Of course we've gotten into more of a rhythm with everything which is really nice. I've also been shooting a lot of random photos. Since graduating I've made much more structured, planed work. I'm kind of re visiting those first few years of college where I was just taking pictures of everything that seems fun or funny. Strange. I've made a lot of postcard type pictures but their are definitely a few I love. With this bunch I have to say the Horse on the roof might trump all, however I do really love the simplicity of the phone with the number over top. This was in a public building, and it just represents so much of the way this small town runs. The lanterns are also really great, they way the kind of look like hanging birthday cakes.
Check them out. Let me know what you think.
((PS. Listened to Mr. Blue Sky by ELO while Taking these Photos. Suggest doing the same while looking at them)))