Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Star of Texas

Im still in Texas. There seems to be a lot more production work here, then was explained to me so I haven't had much down time. It is however a great experience having the opportunity to not only assist a photographer on making a book but, also producing it all along the way. As I mentioned not much down time but, for my first afternoon off I thought I would poke around the inn I'm staying at. Its about 10 miles outside of town and it is called THE STAR of TEXAS (www.star-of-texas.com). It is run by Don and Debbie. Brownwood natives themselves. They are kind of the first original hippies I've encountered. They are a little different then most Texas natives, but then again so am I. As a feature to their place, they have a nature trail that goes all the way around the property. Don is a art metal sculpture and "works" of his are featured all along the way. I also had a chancing meeting with the family llama. I know it's a boy but for some reason I really want to call it "Bernese". 
Check out my photos. Their are plenty more to come from this place. They've lived here 20 something years, and if someone was smart enough they should start to make a photo book about them. 

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