Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HX Magazine Cover

Hello Readers. I know I haven't updated my blog in awhile but I figured I would start off with something big. About a month ago HX magazine CEO Mathew Bank asked me to shoot a cover package for them. I had done something for them earlier in the year and he felt this would be the "dare to be great" situation he was saving me for. Of course, I got my boyfriend Casey Maher in on the deal. He art directed, photo assisted and played "crowd control" for the evening. The story was about the return of famed gay bar MR BLACK. The bar was shut down about a year ago and the whole staff had come back to work at it's new location. We shot there on a Friday night before it opened. The claim to fame for me, and I'm sure Casey was assembling a group shot of 15 people. We knew the it was going to be the opening spread and was asking by Editor and Cheif Brandon Voss to mind the gutter. It was a heavy task but, in the end we got the shoot.
I want to give a shout out to Casey. For being such a good sport, and always lending a hand. I also want to clear up any rumors to the graphic design community that he has taken on an "art director" position at HX. He just did it that one night, for me, as a favor. Sorry HX, he's all mine!
The issue came out week before last, but I scanned it all for your viewing pleasure. enjoy.

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